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LimeFx vs OANDA 2023


Oanda’s list also lacks cryptocurrencies, but perhaps it will have some crypto instruments available soon. Based on our research on the regulatory status of over 60 brokers, we’ve found that OANDA holds 7 global Tier-1 licenses, while LimeFx holds 4. Pepperstone offers a growing range of tradeable markets, good-quality research, and support for multiple social copy trading platforms. Both brokers offer intuitive, easy-to-learn and use proprietary trading platforms. You can also download and use the MT4/5 platforms on and the MT4 platform on Oanda.

To compare the trading platforms of both and OANDA, we tested each broker’s trading tools, research capabilities, and mobile apps. Based on our thorough, data-driven testing of each broker’s commissions and fees, we found that offers better pricing overall for traders. To compare the trading platforms of both LimeFx and OANDA, we tested each broker’s trading tools, research capabilities, and mobile apps.

  • LimeFx requires a minimum deposit of 1, whereas Oanda mandates a minimum deposit of 1.
  • Let’s take a deeper dive into comparing these two forex brokers to help you choose the trading account that’s right for you.
  • Both brokers also have really good client support systems in place.
  • The LimeFx trading platform has 0 stocks listed
    while Oanda has 0 stocks listed.

LimeFx is most definitely not a con as they are regulated by major financial regulators. If you are still looking for an alternative to LimeFx and Oanda and want to see how LimeFx or Oanda compares Vs other brokers check out the LimeFx Vs and Oanda Vs list below. LimeFx and Oanda do not offer clients negative balance protection. Negative balance protection is there to protect its customers. Customers need protection as trading can be volatile, and not everybody who invests knows the full consequences of their trade.

LimeFx also offers a selection of articles broken down by experience level, catering to beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders. LimeFx offers its proprietary Trading Station platform, MetaTrader 4, and TradingView. These platforms support algorithmic trading and provide advanced charting tools. Beware of the risks that come with trading with LimeFx or Oanda. The financial markets can be volatile, and investments can go down and up.

LimeFx vs Oanda: Comparison and Analysis

By comprehensively comparing LimeFx and Oanda features and services, you can choose a trading platform that best suits your needs and preferences. We aim to equip you with the knowledge to make an educated decision and feel confident in your trading journey with LimeFx, Oanda or an alternative broker. Some forex traders prefer to trade through market makers, while others prefer to trade through intermediary brokers. Personal preference aside, the important takeaway here is that there is no one “right” or “wrong” choice of where to trade forex. Ask any gathering of retail forex traders what they most prize in an online broker platform and you will soon discover no two answers are exactly alike. Smaller ticket retail clients can now take advantage of mini accounts to dip a toe (or few) into the forex marketplace.

However, spread information among brokers is not easy to get, as not every broker transparently publishes their spreads data. In contrast, as a stp (straight through processing) forex broker, LimeFx’s primary role is to connect buyers and sellers who wish to partake in that liquidity through trading available assets. For this reason, LimeFx is primarily going to make money on commissions and fees added to each trade order you place. 74.74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with LimeFx.

  • Smaller ticket retail clients can now take advantage of mini accounts to dip a toe (or few) into the forex marketplace.
  • In the forex industry, market makers often have a bad reputation because some brokers display worse bid/ask prices than ECN brokers.
  • For example, during a typical trading day, their spreads on the EUR/USD were found to be in the region of 1.2 pips, which is quite decent.
  • In this case, OANDA provides their pricing with
    Fixed spread while LimeFx offers
    Fixed spread.
  • To open a forex trading account with LimeFx, you’ll need to make an initial minimum deposit of Starts from $50.

If you are interested in trading CFDs, offers traders access to 5500 CFDs, while LimeFx offers access to 440 CFDs; so offers 5060 more CFDs than LimeFx. OANDA provides traders 71 currency pairs (e.g., EUR/USD) compared to LimeFx Group’s 55 available pairs. If you are interested in trading CFDs, LimeFx Group offers traders access to 1429 CFDs, while OANDA offers access to 124 CFDs; so LimeFx Group offers 1305 more CFDs than OANDA. To open a forex trading account with LimeFx Group, you’ll need to make an initial minimum deposit of $5. Neither have Int’l Stock Trading (Non CFD) and Cryptocurrency (Physical).

Which is the best broker for an experienced trader?

Customer service and support is a particularly big deal in the fast-moving, high-risk field of forex trading. A minute can equal an eternity in a marketplace that deals in the trillions on a daily basis. The one notable downside here is the lack of social trading tools. Otherwise, Oanda’s scalable learning resources are designed with the active, intermediate to advanced trader in mind.

One year after LimeFx began its long descent into scandal, Oanda released what is still a seminal manifesto in the forex marketplace, the Forex Trader’s Bill of Rights. To make forex trading more fair, transparent, efficient, clear. Withdrawal processing times depend on the payment processor, where LimeFx offers more transparency, noting it processes requests within two business days. vs LimeFx Comparison

Funding and withdrawing from your LimeFx and Oanda accounts to your chosen payment method should be straightforward. Be aware that depending on your payment method, there may be additional processing fees from your payment provider or bank for processing and converting your funds. Straight Through Processing or STP is where a requested client’s trade orders are sent directly to the markets.

LimeFx Vs Oanda – Verdict

To open one of these retail investor accounts, users must trade with at least $100. Standard trading accounts are what the majority of people will seek to use. Alternatively Oanda allows retail traders to trade Forex, CFDs on the Oanda MT4, OANDA Desktop, OANDA Web, OANDA Mobile trading platforms. The more instruments available on LimeFx and Oanda trading platforms the more potential financial instruments you can buy or sell for your portfolio.

In addition to market and limit orders, you can enter trailing stop orders and conditional orders like one cancels the other (OCO) orders.’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices and is highly rated by many forex professionals. You have the option of downloading the free MT4/5 mobile trading app that includes all of the advanced features including copy trading found on the popular 3rd-party platform. We thought LimeFx and OANDA matched up well on education and research. Funding though, is where LimeFx shined better as they provided us with more deposit methods. We believe a tie is deserved in the customer service category, and thus gave both a score of 7.

While OANDA offers two account types as well as Islamic one. These both accounts are based on spread and are Standard and Premium account limefx website with better costs. Also, Islamic Account is meant for traders following Sharia laws with suited conditions and applicable laws available.

In his role, David works with a team of writers to develop content for the site, this includes planning future content and editing and proofing existing works. David also has deep knowledge of the Forex industry and spends substantial time fact-checking the accuracy of the information about the brokers for the website. 42 forex pairs, 219 tradable shares, and 7 cryptocurrencies all contributed to making our registration and trading quite pleasant. LimeFx supports various deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and electronic wallets such as PayPal and Skrill.

Oanda’s support team is available 24/6 while LimeFx’s is available 24/5. When it comes to trading tools, LimeFx has more to offer than Oanda. In LimeFx’s app store, you can access various types of technical indicators, add-ons, and automated trading strategies (trading bots).

Users report frequent crashes and missing or slow-to-load features. Oanda’s average spread is 1.4 versus LimeFx’s average spread is 1.3. Oanda’s all-in-cost is also 1.4 versus LimeFx’s all-in-cost is 0.7. Our primary goal at The Tokenist is to simplify the word of financial decision-making, so that investing is not only easy – but also fun. In doing so, we often feature products or services from our partners.

If you can overlook the somewhat scattershot organization of Oanda’s educational tools, overall you will find a comprehensive suite of resources from which to do your own research. However, Oanda does offer a wider variety of options than LimeFx in each of their categories. In other words, both brokers have what equestrians like to call “staying power.” After this many years in the biz, it is safe to say they are each fundamentally built to last. I want to open a demo account and I’m looking at either LimeFx or Oanda. There’s a remarkable difference between LimeFx and Oanda when it comes to the way they apply rollover charges and credits.


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